Housing Stamp

As a student hours of hard work shifting through your options of where to go and what to study. Yet the next step is finding somewhere to live, somewhere to stay, somewhere close to the University. This is why Cambrian Lettings Student Housing and Accommodation is the simple choice.

You will be renting a place that is fully compliant and certified by West Cheshire and Chester Council for abiding with the government Houses Act 2004 ruling in regards to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Any property that is occupied by more than two people who are not related or living as a couple, and where rent is paid and facilities shared can be classed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). A HMO can be a house or flat which is occupied by a group of students or professionals who share all the facilities, or it can be a property which is occupied by people living in bedsits and/or some self contained flats’.

This means that:
‘The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006 apply to all HMOs and cover a number of items. In essence they require that the properties are kept in a good state of repair and that all facilities are in good working order at all times’

So you can count on Cambrian Lettings to have are the required documentation so that your stay is a welcomed one.

Cheshire West and Chester Council
HMO Licence
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